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“LevRage - Official website of LevRage. Lost Nation available now on CD Baby. - Music, Videos, Merch, Photos, Tour Dates">.
LevRage brings you all original modern American metal rock music geared toward the human race. Based out of Madison, Wisconsin LevRage was formed in 2012. With the release of their new album titled “LOST NATION”, LevRage is destined to turn the world inside out with an electrifying new breed of modern heavy metal rock music.

This dynamic band of rock solid musicians has a rare chemistry and unique sense of creativity that hooks the ears of rock music fans everywhere. From the melodic passion of “Angels & Demons” to the crushing devastation of “Playing With Fire”, it’s as though they never knew what hit them! Get the new album "LOST NATION" by following the link below:
"LOST NATION" - CD Baby - Buy

LevRage…NO bells, NO whistles…just pure American Heavy Metal rock music!

VOCALS – Joel Beaulieu        GUITAR – Chris Kildahl        GUITAR – Mike Beaulieu

BASS – Joaquin Luebanos       DRUMS – Ed Jones

Mike Beaulieu
W3975 Highway 50 Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Email: LevRage@yahoo.com
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